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Gorgeously gooey fun for children ages 6+ Our Party Power Slime Party treats your child and friends to 1.5 hours of gorgeously gooey, (nearly) mess-free slime-making. It’s packed full of fun from start to finish, which means the kids are kept happy for 1.5 hours whilst adults can sit back and enjoy it too. We host the party at your home or hired venue, bringing everything we need to make your child’s party a slimey success. What's included Slime-making Kits, All the ingredients and equipment to create 3 chosen slimes, Aprons to wear for the duration of the slime-making, Decorated table with chairs . Our Slime Parties start at £285 to include up to 8 children. You can add up to 4 more children (at £35 extra per child). Maximum: 12 children. We unfortunately cannot accept more than 12 children.  A £100 deposit is due at the time of booking. Please ensure you have checked the areas we serve and any applicable travel surcharges Choose 3 slimes to make at the party

Slime Party

  • Our Covid precautions Everything is washed on a 60 degree cycle, Sanitised, steamed anti bacteria wiped and rested for 72hrs between hires. Collection and returns are social distanced and masks are worn. I personally am operating Party Power through covid and take my temperature each morning. My priority is both your families health and mine.

  • We want to keep this simple

    Firstly any Secured Date, Product or Hire/Service booked is non refundable. Reason being is the date or product etc you've chosen will be unavailable from your booking time. We will contact you with a reminder to pay 5 days before your booking but ultimatly you yourself are responsible for the balance to be paid in full no later than 5 days prior to your booking date.

    Balloon Orders:

    All balloons etc are made 24hrs before collection or delivery, this is so we can assure there quality. Once the balloons are collected and delivered they are then your resposibility. We recommend you keep them away from high tempretures and direct sunlight. Fluctuating tempretures does effect Heluim and this must be taken into condersation. Personalisation is the responsbilty of yourself and we will only accept resposibilty for only our own mistakes.

    Hire Equipment: 

    All of our Hire equipment is your responsibilty whilst in the hire period. Once we have set up and then leave we take no responsibilty for any accidents or damages that maybe ocurred. Most importantly our Teepee Hires are set up with in mind they will be supervised by an adult period. It is your resonsibilty to ensure we can collect at the agreed time and failure to collect could result in a 24hr hire charge 

    As a small business we are more than reasonable and endever to work along side of any changed dates etc or damages or any other unforseeable issues to the best of our ability. We are only as successful as our Event/Booking and customer recomendations are our main success. With that said we hope you appreciate all of the above and support us in our business

    Thank You 

    Party Power

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